TILO: Thermal Imaging Light Optic

the smallest and lightest thermal imaging device in the world

Seen from front of camera

Thermal Goggle and Head Lamp

The TILO from Andres Industries AG is the smallest and lightest thermal imaging device in the world.
Half in size and weight compared to other similar devices, the TILO is big on performance. The TILO can detect a human at a distance of more than 1,000m.
The TILO has dual fuctions: Thermal gogles with top performance and advanced head lights.
Some TILO models can be purchased by civilians, other models can only be sold to the army and police forces.

  • Ultra low weight of 100g
  • Ultra low size: length of 4cm
  • Robust, Easy to use, Reliable and Versatile
  • Almost no delay between sensor and screen display
  • Super sensitivity: thermal resolution <40mK, so temperature differences of less than 0.04°C can be displayed.
  • Powerfull lights: White, red, and IR LED lamps for illumination, SOS and IFF functions

Thermal Mode
By folding down the TILO and opening the lens flap it becomes a thermal imaging monocular with a very high thermal resolution of up to <40mK, and thus delivers high-contrast images, even in poor ambient conditions with the ability to show temperature differences of less than 0.04°C.
The performance of the TILO  almost corresponds to the performance of large cooled thermal imagers and makes orientation possible even in indoor areas and low-dynamic environments thanks to the sesitivity and the large viewing angle of 24°.

Combined Lamp & Thermal Mode
In the thermal imaging mode it is also possible to use the lamp functions at the same time. This is e.g. useful in finding missing persons. Striking sources of heat can immediately be examined or assigned to other detectors.

Lamp Mode
Three LED lamps: white, red, IR (Can be adjusted in brightness in 10 steps, the white LED has a luminous flux of up to 160 ANSI lumens).
Flashing function: each LED also has a flashing function / SOS function and IFF encodings (friend-foe identification).

Comparing TILO-3Z+ and TILO-6Z+
There are few different TILO models. For army and police forces the interesting models are the TILO M and TILO Z+, each of them with a standard resolution 3-model and a four times higher resolution 6-model.
The use of the bigger sensor in the 6-models makes it slightly heavier and longer than the TILO-3M and with a shorter battery life.
The higher resolution sensor gives a better image with clearer details, which can be seen in this video.
The video is recorded with the TILO-3Z+ and TILO-6Z+ with standard lens and magnification lenses.