Steel Talon – The most advanced mobile device security, management, and analytics solution

Data security

Protection against virus, malware attacks, data theft, intrusion…


Based around a command console the central interface to all mobile devices making it easy to monitor, install, update, restore, delete …


At any moment, know precise usage and security details for every device…


Remote analysis of individual devices or across multiple devices, enabling identification of unique “anomaly” signatures …

Personal security

Event triggers alarm your organization when you feel threatened and reveals position, sound, video …

Data Security

Your phone is missing

If your device is lost or stolen, Steel Talon tightens its grasp to prevent hands- on intrusion, and assists with recovery.
Steel Talon can remotely wipe a compromised device, delete specific applications and data based on event triggers, and ensure that sensitive message traffic is permanently removed. In the event recovery can’t be made, Steel Talon deletes 100% of device data.

Data security

Virus, malware & intrusion detection

Always on guard, Steel Talon detects intrusion attempts, prevents malware attacks and delivers secure messaging to keep your data safe.
The IT department can detect, pinpoint and prevent an attack, before it’s too late, safeguarding your organizations data.

Steel Talon data protection

Steel Talon will protect your device when it’s in your hand, and provide total assurance when it’s not!

Console and mobile devices



Steel Talon is based around a command console which provides a central interface to remotely control all mobile devices of the enterprise.

Mobile app

The Steel Talon app can be installed by any user on a mobile device; instantly adding that device to the Steel Talon management system. The mobile app is invisible once installed.

Steel Talon Console Screen
Forensic Screen


Steel Talon provides a completely integrated environment to 100% analyze and control every aspect of your mobile enterprise and its proximity. At any moment, you’ll know precise usage and security details for every device in your enterprise.

Personal Security

Things getting out of control!

Let your phone engage with your organization based on keywords. Covertly inform position, stream live audio and video.


Steel Talon provides an interactive, consolidated timeline to forensically analyze all of the log data associated with a device in a manner that is intuitive and easily digestible. The simple, intuitive logs enables forensic analysis of individual devices or across multiple devices, enabling identification of unique “anomaly” signatures of interest.

Featured clients

Steel Talon is trusted not only by large corporations but also by elite military and intelligence organizations for whom failure is simply not an option.
(Featured clients highlights both current and former clients and does not constitute an endorsement).

Main features

• Anti-Virus Prevention & Removal
• Malware – Prevention & Removal
• Intrusion Detection
• Device Encryption
• Camera Enable / Disable
• Microphone Enable / Disable
• Firewall Management
• USB Data Disable
• App Permissions Management
• Block Network Traffic

• Mobile Device Management
• Loss Management Remote Control
• Lock
• Factory Reset
• Password Change
• Locate
• Listen to stolen phone mic.
• See stolen phone video
• Sound phone alarm
• Display Return Instructions
• Block & Remove Apps
• Push Apps
• VPN Configuration
• Bluetooth Settings Management
• Wifi Settings Management
• Block Websites
• GPS & Location Services Management
• Hot Spot Data Tether Management

• Data & Forensic Analytics
• Enterprise Level Management
• Device Logs
• Insider Threat Detection
• Usage Analysis
• Travel Analysis
• Battery Analysis
• Inspect Individual Phone Remotely