Night Eyes – Image Intensified Night Vision

Night Vision System – for Land, Aviation & Maritime.
Binocular / Monocular / Rifle Scope.

Night Eyes – Dominate the Night

The Night Eyes BNVD from the Australian PT Group is an advanced night vision system offering high resolution and a clear brights image in a unique, compact housing.
The Night Eyes can be configured for land, aviation or maritime use, and comes as binoculars, monoculars and rifle scopes.
The image intensifiers are the 4G or XR5 image intensifiers from Photonis which outperforms Gen 3 image intensifiers.
Full metal casing at the same weight as the plastic makes the Night Eyes the lightest ruggedised NVG on the market.
Mangement, control, and maintenance is handled with previously unseen efficiency thanks to the CPU control and wireless data management.
Night Eyes® are not subject to ITAR.

  • Based on Photonis 4G / XR5 image intensifiers
  • FOM 1600 – 1800 (XR5), 1800 – 2200 (4G)
  • Light weight 550g – 630g
  • Variable focus from 25cm – ∞
  • Diveable 20 m
  • CPU control management
  • Wireless data management
  • Individual deployed position setting
  • Aluminium housing for durability
  • Powered by single CR123A or AA battery

One hand adjustment of all functions

Used as Monocular

Can be configured and used as a monocular or binocular

Image Intensifier Tubes – outperforms US Gen III

  • Photonis Auto-gated 4G tubes outperforms US Gen III.
  • 4G is specifically designed to address the stringent requirements of special forces operators with extended bandwidth detection from 400-1100nm.
  • Only 4G can offer ultra-fast Auto-Gating with resolution above 64 lp/mm. Typical 68-72 lp/mm.
  • Halo on bright light not larger than 0.80mm (typical 0.75mm).

Helmet mounts

  • Helmet mount 120g is the lightest weight mount on the market.
  • Adjustable breakaway helmet mount adaptable interface to suit any helmet shroud
  • Extended fold-back position over helmet providing a reduction in neck stress, less bump in cockpit
  • Motion activated switching using accelerometers saving energy when not in use

Night Eyes MNVD used as a riffle scope

Kit Contents:

  • IR Reader
  • IR/NVG Jig
  • Service & Logbook Software
  • Configured Laptop
  • Operators Manual

ILS Data Management Kit

  • Complete solution for configuration and technical user management of the Night Eyes units.
  • Configuration of tube and accelerometer parameters.
  • BNVD data is read by a wireless IR Reader for download to computer installed with NVG Setup Utility software.
  • Capture of BNVD operation data to support Operators, Maintainers and Fleet Managers:
    • Configuration of BNVD operating parameters
    • Recording of II Tube data
    • Capture of setup data
    • Capture of operation and performance data

Night Eye Specs: