Long Range Surveillance – Day and Night

Color video, Thermal, IR, Radar – in one complete solution

The EVVE Long Range custom build solutions

EVVE Long Range cameras are custom built to the requirements of the end user. The surveillance cameras are used in environments requiring exceptional image clarity over long distances such as in sea and airports to track and follow ships and planes or at borders to prevent trespassing. Gas & Oil companies use the camera to secure their fields and pipelines.

  • HD Day/night camera for 24 hour surveillance in colors.
  • Long range lens for up to 30 km surveillance.
  • Stand with pan & tilt controlled housing certified to operate in marine and desert environments.
  • Laser illumination of objects up to 30 km.
  • Search light illumination of targets at over 5 km in visible light.
  • Long range thermal cameras as supplement to visual camera.
  • Ground Radar can be integrated with the camera.
  • Integrated control rooms for up to 130 operators.
  • Fiber optics cables or satellite communication between control room and camera.
  • License plate recognition at 5 km.
  • Vessel Tracking Information Management System.
  • Build in video enhancement box for image stabilisation.
  • Turn key solution. Build per specs at factory. Plug and play ready.


The EVVE Long Range solutions come with a new range of cameras with truly unique features, making it possible to view and record in color during the night – even scenes invisible to the human eye in the near total darkness. High resolution in clear colors and progressive scanning technology deliver outstanding target recognition and identification capability. Both color and IR in the same camera: color mode in low light environment and IR mode when there is no ambient light and IR illumination is turned on.


The EVVE Long Range camera comes with a standard lens (with auto focus, different filters and a 60x zoom) or an advanced lens (with auto focus, different filters, 60x zoom and stabilisation), depending on the needs of the end user.


The EVVE Long Range stands and housings are robust designed pan-tilt units, specially built to function in all the different weather conditions globally. The different metals with the different coefficients of variation will manage the quality in all weather conditions.


EVVE Long Range Cameras are specially built for surveillance in challenging environments. Our heat and cold technology without moving parts is unique in the world and ensures that the temperature inside always stays between 20 and 25 degrees. This should be advantageous especially in desert border areas. Our systems are the most rugged in the world. We can operated in a temperature spectrum from -70 degrees to +80 degrees.


The combination of this thermal imaging system with the premium 30x zoom lens facilitates complex and reliable surveillance with an outstanding detection range.
Objects being far away can be displayed with a high-resolution infrared image. The customisable software interface offers time coded real-time playback.


EVVE Long Range has developed an advanced laser illumination system to light up objects. The laser light is invisible to the human eye and the laser system is designed so that the operator can move the light in the picture with a joystick of the keypad. The operator can adjust the power of the light beam from 6 watt to 25 watt.


EVVE long Range produces the world’s most advanced high-intensity search lights used in military, border and law enforcement applications globally. The patented Galilean-telescope optical system is capable of uniform illumination of targets at over 3 miles (5 km) in visible light and over 1.5 miles (2.4 km) in invisible infrared for use with night vision devices.


The EVVE long Range systems are fitted with an HD-SDI Stabiliser for high performance surveillance, security or situational awareness systems to automatically remove unwanted camera shake and picture rotation, dramatically, increasing user effectiveness:

• Removes unwanted camera shake, vibration and roll
• Stabilises daylight and infrared video
• Increases system effectiveness, at very low latency
• Instant, hassle free installation
• HD-SDI video


The EVVE long Range video technology utilises powerful processors and software algorithms to enhance video images captured under challenging circumstances, every-time and in real-time. Our patented products minimise the effects of severe climatic conditions, unfavourable lighting and other environmental difficulties. The solution enhance imagery, high definition video, infrafred images and thermal images.

Thermal images with different zoom ratio.


The Rapid Deployment Kit unit is supplied in a protective plastic carry case and combines a screen for easy control of the EVVE long range camera and the ability to record the camera images. Superior image quality is provided by the on board H.264 compression method, which produces excellent evidential image quality.
The system is plug and play and runs automatically from power up. It is designed to be a low power unit and can be run from battery pack or mains power supply to offer a very versatile solution. All the features you would expect in a fully sized DVR are available including motion detection, marking, quick search, snapshot smart search, and instant backup by time and date to any USB device.