Professional Lithium Battery Packs and Modules

Ejji is selling the full range of lithium battery solutions from Tracer Power, a company based in the UK. The batteries are market leading solutions in the range of high powered portable batteries for police, army, firebrigades, laptop powering, astronomy, photography, smart phone charging, outdoor living etc.

The newest battery range developed by Tracer.
Long lifetime, safe, lightweight, compact.

These batteries are in use in their thousands for many applications where the a light and compact battery is needed.

These batteries are ideal for powering motors and where higher output current is needed. LiFePO4 batteries are the safest battery technology.

Professional power packs housed within a protective Peli™ Case. These battery packs are the portable solution, easy to carry and install. A robust IP67 Waterproof standard case has been pre wired.

These battery modules are ideal for fitting to customers designed equipment.