Ejji is selling the full range of audio surveillance and counter surveillance systems from Eskan Electronics Ltd, UK.

As one of the leading manufacturers of surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment, Eskan has built a reputation for offering exceptional value with superior technical specifications to discerning users in a broad spectrum of operating environments.

Law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies and military special operations units worldwide have benefitted from Eskan design innovation and reliable performance. For over two decades Eskan have designed, developed and manufactured exclusively in the UK.

Targeted surveillance is surveillance directed at particular individuals or groups that can be carried out covertly to inform the authorities about potential terrorism, a special investigation or operation. 

Eskan provide covert audio surveillance equipment to governments and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Prevention of terrorism is now key to keeping society safe and covert surveillance is used to bring criminal organisations and terrorists to justice.

This equipment detects, locates and eliminates active or passive microphones by instant or regular sweeping of an area or vehicle and is able to counter threats from the most sophisticated tracking and eavesdropping devices. 

Counter-surveillance equipment is supplied to governments and law enforcement agencies to protect information, assets and intelligence from hostile surveillance that can be from internal as well as external sources.